[Openstreetmap] Server Performance

Etienne Cherdlu openstreetmap-L at gj0.net
Mon Dec 19 23:05:41 GMT 2005

I just added a whole lot of segments for a complex motorway interchange
using the java applet.  This required a lot of painstaking and detailed
work.  I then panned the view area and was dismayed to find that not only
had half of my segments dissappeared, but all of the node positioning had
also been lost.

I understand that this happens when the server is slow and node additions
have not yet been accepted by the server, so subsequent segment additions
and node movements are rejected because the node does not yet exist.

What can be done about this?  Can the applet be changed (urgently) to
display nodes in a different colour until the server responds that they have
been accepted?  Can the server side be changed so that it *adds* a node when
a segment is drawn to a missing segment?  Can the server performance be
improved by off-loading view-only sessions to a separate box?  Can the
process priority of sessions that are in edit mode be increased?

What is it that is making the server slow anyway?  I've never seen more than
about 4 people editing at any one time, and I'm sure there can't be than
many people viewing the maps yet.  Is there some batch process that kicks in
to rebuild tiles or something?

This problem really needs addressing as an absolute priority.  The most
valuable contribution to this project at the moment is all those people who
are taking hours of their time to add nodes and segments.  If these good
people continue to get the kind of server performance I've been seeing
tonight (and most other nights) then they won't stick around long.

Anyone got any ideas about what we can do about this problem?

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