[Openstreetmap] Creative Commons Needs You....

Harlan Onsrud onsrud at spatial.maine.edu
Tue Dec 20 01:57:45 GMT 2005

Sorry for the intrusion but .... Creative Commons is a very 
worthwhile project facilitating open access to many intellectual 
products including geographic data.  If you have the ability to give 
in any amount, please consider it and contribute soon.  It takes only 
a few minutes on the web site at http://creativecommons.org/support/.

Best, Harlan

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>'Tis the season to be... dunned.  Mark has graciously allowed me to 
>post the following message to the list.  Apologies for the shameless 
>mendicancy.  Please ignore if the request is unwelcome.
>Many cyberprofs have given generously of their time to advise 
>Commons <http://www.creativecommons.org/>www.creativecommons.org  We 
>are now asking for another kind of support.
>CC is facing the need to meet the IRS's "public support" test.  At 
>stake is its charitable status.    We have received generous 
>Foundation support, but need to show a more diverse donor base.  The 
>deadline is December 31 and we have a way to go.  If 200 cyberprofs 
>could give $100 each, it would be extraordinarily helpful. (And if 
>done soon, each dollar will be matched by a challenge donor) You can 
>do it online at 
>(You even get a surprising variety of merchandise for doing so -- I 
>guess this is part of the new philanthropy)
>Thanks, and apologies for interrupting your grading just to ask for money.
>Best, J
>(PS any questions, responses etc. should be only sent to me off-list)  Thanks.
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