[Openstreetmap] viaducts

Jon Stockill lists at stockill.net
Wed Dec 21 12:31:10 GMT 2005

Lars Aronsson wrote:
> Alex Vieira wrote:
>>The straight road does not connect to the other one, they pass 
>>at different levels. Probably this question has been asked (and 
>>answered) already before, sorry for that...
> Wow!  I've never seen a 4-level viaduct.  I think there are only a 
> handful of 3-level crossings in all of Sweden, one of them at 
> Helsingborg is partially mapped in Open Street Map,
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/index.html?lat=56.086&lon=12.781&zoom=13

There's 5 levels here:


You have 2 motorways crossing each other, a roundabout above them, a 
tunnel below, and a b road runs straight through the whole lot on its 
own level.

Things like this are gonna be "interesting" to represent :-)

Jon Stockill
lists at stockill.net

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