[Openstreetmap] Recent improvements to the editing applet

Etienne Cherdlu openstreetmap-L at gj0.net
Thu Dec 29 23:11:15 GMT 2005

The recent improvements to the editing applet are very nice - I
particularly appreciate the improved feedback that indicates when a
segment has been sucessfully added on the server.  Good work Steve.


It may be a coincidence, but since the update the editing performance
has been appalling.  Either there are a lot of new users since
Christmas (entirely possible) or the update has introduced a big
performance problem.

Before Christmas with the old applet I was able to map motorways at a
rate of about 30km per hour.  Now I barely manage 5km per hour.

Can we have the old applet back please?  At least make both available
so that we can compare relative performance.

One problem with the new applet that makes it *very* tedious to use is
that if you pan the map even just a small bit, you have to WAIT about
90 seconds for the nodes and segments to be redrawn before you can
continue adding segments.  Even then it has forgotten what I was doing
and I have to click on the segment button again.

Christmas is a great time to get some new users for this project. 
Lots of people with GPSs and a few days off work - what are they
greeted with?  A broken applet and terrible server performance.

What kind of servers is this project running on?  I have a spare
266MHz Pentium II which I'm sure would be faster.  I remember someone
(Steve?) saying that they had had offers of hardware - what's holding
up the acceptance of these offers?

Etienne (suffering from exasperation)

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