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Saul Albert saul at twenteenthcentury.com
Mon Feb 7 01:45:32 GMT 2005

hi hugh, folks,


Jo and I went to cambridge today and had a really good chat with Rufus Pollock
from okfn/ffiuk and he gave us a whole lot of motivation and spanked our brains
about getting a bit more organised... both to get our open geodata projects
further underway, and to start the necessary political lobbying with a suitable
groundswell of use cases, zealots and code.

We thought about a few different ways to take things forward. Here are some of
the ideas that came out of this list/people and lots and lots of conversations:

- We could do an Open Knowledge Forum (the okfn.net's meet up format) in London
  in April '05, a kind of launch meeting to get lots of people on board

- We would need to prepare for this. We could do a serious getting things done
  hack session in the first week of march (physical or remote, but we'll
  provide a well hackbase in Bristol if you want to stay and hack for a few
  days -> a week)

- There was an outline of a plan of action / needs..

It went something like:

First order:

* A data repository that can be mirrored / syndicated
* Lots of methods of adding to that data store
* Many routes to openstreetmap - inc. GPS traces and Ikonos/other derivatives
* Some compelling use cases or at least feedback that makes adding data
  worthwhile seeming.

Second order:

* Line simplification / segmentation stuff
* Annotation / Metadata adding and sharing stuff

Many bits of this are already in place, but maybe we can get down to some
serious discussions and tick them off one by one, then find the shortest path
to having them all, aim then fire.

THEN we can start to build a significant political attack on closed geodata,
the inspire directive etc.. becase we'll have an ace in the hole (is that the
phrase..?) basically, we'll be saying to the OS &c. sort us out, or we'll sort
ourselves out, and you'll be sorted out of business in the process.

Is this realistic? Or even desirable? I think so, but then it is late.



On Sun, Feb 06, 2005 at 02:19:56PM -0000, Hugh Barnard wrote:
> Hi Folks
> I'd also be interested in banding together to buy some Ikonos data. One
> suggestion would be
> to take a small bit off them and (all) see what we could do with it. On the
> basis of some kind
> of progress we could refine what we want from them/buy another bit..
> Just to declare interest, I'm really only interested in bits of London. I
> think most of it (except maybe
> the parks, not really relevant) will represent the same level of practical
> problems...
> Best regards Hugh
> http://hughbarnard.org
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