[Openstreetmap] Re: Buying Ikonos data

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Mon Feb 7 14:23:07 GMT 2005

hello crab! nice to see you here...

> I don't know what bands are available. The B&W 5m-resolution imagery is
> less expensive than the 1m true colour stuff, of course, but should be
> sufficient to plot street maps.

i'm wondering if it'll make life harder for the GA-based feature
extraction software which we were playing around with - a hideous
tangle of java, perl and C which took hours to get running - but it
did render very promising initial results. how can we know?
> I would contribute towards fulfilling a minimum order for IKONOS data,
> but unfortunately, the tiles in the order must be adjacent, and I have
> no use for London/UK data.

nod, hopefully any fruit borne from a GA based approach will be
instantly reapplicable to delhi free maps, mumbai free maps etc...
or the Ikonos fallback is street tracing, at which point filling in
the gaps in low-GPS-availability-or-accuracy areas, by tracing...
(a bit less repurposable)

think of us beneficiently, anyway... :)


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