[Openstreetmap] Areal photos for free?

Amaury Jacquot sxpert at esitcom.org
Sat Feb 19 09:53:43 GMT 2005

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Yesterday, I talked to a friend about the Openstreetmap project.  He
> happened to pilot in his spare time (cesna), and he liked the idea of
> taking aerial photos while he was flying.  All we need is a way to
> clamp the camera to the plane, make sure a GPS is included, and
> collect photos.  Perhaps there are friendly pilots in the London area
> as well?
> I've started taking some notes on what is needed.
> Aerial photos for free
> ======================
> We can get aerial photos for free by contacting friendly small plane
> pilot, and get them to bring photo equipment on their trips.
> What should the equipment look like?
>  - gps
>  - camera (still/video?)
>  - laptop for storage
>  - correct clock (why?)
>  - the shape need to be aerodynamic
>  - simple mounting and dismounting on wing or wheel (norsk: stag)
>  - barometric height
>  - what resolution do we need for the camera

imho, you'd also need an inertial sensor, so that you can identify the 
attitude of the plane, which would make calculating the direction the 
photo was taken much easier

GPS altitude is not that bad. error is about 4-10 meters or so, which is 
irrelevant when you are at 500 - 1000 meters from the ground (about 1%)

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