[Openstreetmap] Best way to licence data - CC or MIT/X11?

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Mon Feb 21 18:23:03 GMT 2005

How does openstreetmap intend to licence its data? For my Freemap project, I 
was originally intending to licence the data (e.g. in XML form) using the 
Creative Commons licences but someone on the uk.comp.os.linux newsgroup 
pointed out that it would make the data incompatible with the GPL, and thus 
it would be impossible to include the data with a GPL application which made 
use of it.

So I'm thinking of the MIT or X11 licence (basically the same thing) which is 
a non-copyleft free software licence. This would allow the Freemap data 
itself to remain free but for commercial people to develop proprietary works 
based on it.

Any comments?


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