[Openstreetmap] Best way to licence data - CC or MIT/X11?

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Tue Feb 22 12:14:45 GMT 2005

* On 21-Feb-2005 at  3:55PM PST, Frank Mohr said:
> Depends how you define include...

I agree. I don't think the data distribution rights affect the
distribution of code under the GPL at all, whether the CC-SA
license is approved by the FSF or not.

> > So I'm thinking of the MIT or X11 licence (basically the same
> > thing) which is a non-copyleft free software licence. This would
> > allow the Freemap data itself to remain free but for commercial
> > people to develop proprietary works based on it.
> I wouldn't like it, if the data that costs me a lot of time and some
> money for driving around and given away for free was sold by others
> in proprietary works

At the risk of saying "me too", me too.


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