[Openstreetmap] Feature extraction, GPS, GPS pool

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 24 14:21:41 GMT 2005

Hello All,
I haven't been tracking everything on this list, but am very interested in 
this concept.  The "tools" side is interesting, but I'm really enamoured by 
the GPS side of things.  I would like to mirror the concept in Canada.  Sure 
we have a bit larger land-base :)  but the same data access problems.  I 
would start at a municipal level.  Having a pool of hardware available would 
be very interesting.  I wonder if it would even be possible to combine the 
effort with a Geocaching.com promotion too.  Folks could use the devices for 
finding a geocache, but also collect other features along the way.

Is the image feature extraction the big problem area?  At least using GPS you 
could gather ground-truth sample points to help train the analysis.

Anyway, just thought I'd weigh in and say howdy.


On February 20, 2005 04:14 am, Hugh Barnard wrote:
> Hi folks
> This is an interesting discussion.
> 1.I felt (feel) that feature extraction was certainly something highly
> experimental that should be prototyped on a 'small' piece of data,
> feasiblity really.
> 2. There's probably ways of making the two complementary (for example,
> using feature extraction for rough maps, pro-tem, then replacing by traced
> maps, if, as and when)
> 3. How about a GPS hardware pool? People loan them (they pay a returnable
> deposit!) and trace then come back. We can work on the process aspects
> during this, too.
> Best regards Hugh
> http://hughbarnard.org
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