[Openstreetmap] OpenStreetMap/Freemap and mobile devices?

Ehud Shabtai eshabtai at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 09:48:25 BST 2005

Nick Whitelegg wrote:

>A thought I've had for some time with Freemap, wouldn't it be good if OSM maps 
>could be displayed on mobile devices like PDAs or even phones? Without a lot 
>of knowledge in this area ATM (but am keen to learn) I'm not sure how 
>feasible it would be but the following appear to be true:
I had the same thought. I'm currently using a commercial software for
navigation, using my pocket pc (running windows mobile). I have a GPS
which connects using a serial port to the device. All the maps data are
stored on an external memory card.

I would like to do the same with OpenStreetMap:
1. Write a navigation software which uses vector map data. This should
not be just a bitmap showing on the screen, but a real navigation
software which calculates routes according to current location and
2. While the user uses the software, the GPS input is saved for later
3. The user has an option to synchronize his device which results in
getting updated data from OpenStreetMap and sending his new GPS data
back to OpenStreetMap. I may need to allow him to edit his GPS points
before sending it back.


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