[Openstreetmap] Re: mapserver experiments with OSM data

Chris Holmes cholmes at openplans.org
Thu Jun 9 12:21:01 BST 2005

> > >
> > > One thing I would really love to see would be that same Landsat
> > > in the background of the editor. It might make the geometries a
> > > easier to edit?
> >
> > its something we absolutely __need__ for 1.0, for all the aerial
> > we have.

> I think that would be pretty cool! We've got a 70 meg tiled TIFF with
> overviews of Landsat-7 for greater London that we can supply, either
> directly or through our WMS.  MapServer handles reading the overviews
> from the TIFF for us, which is super fast on the server side, and WMS
> requests are basically a simple HTTP GET request, so that's one
> option, but I'm totally happy to offer the TIFF image for download to
> anyone who wants to play with it.
Having WMS would be ideal - or else you're going to have to be the ones
supplying all of the data.  If you wrote a WMS interface you could get
aerial imagery from a number of diverse sources, other people do the
serving, you just put your stuff on top of it.  There is code in
GeoTools 2 that will handle making requests to and reading WMS, in
java.  Unfortunately the main gt2 module is big, but I'm sure you could
strip out most of it and just get the core pieces you need.  It'd be a
bit of work, but probably better than writing the whole WMS request
stack (though you could also just take bits of the code).  Note that
this is how UDIG reads WMS's.  And if you open the door to a gt2 model
then you could also read geotiff/grib/arcgrid files that you have
locally.  It also would be cool to go the other way, to make a udig
plug-in that edits the OSM server.

And yes, at some point I will be able to start contributing more than
just feature requests, I promise.

Best regards,


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