[Openstreetmap] map limehouse (16th/17th July), map Walthamstow (late July)

Saul Albert saul at twenteenthcentury.com
Fri Jun 24 13:50:03 BST 2005

Hi Openstreetmappers,

After a little diary crunching, I'm pleased to announce the following two
map-as-much-of-a-specific-area-as-we-can days:

1. Map Limehouse: 16th / 17th, Limehouse Town Hall: 646 Commercial Road,
E14 7HA. 11 am - 5pm.

Limehouse Town Hall, home of the 2003 Cartographic Congress, is having an
openday on the 16th and 17th July, which should be a big bonanza of
communidee activities, a bbq, a tombola, plus collaborative cartography
of various sorts. Come along, and during the day the 10 workstation linux
lab and however much mobile equipment we can put together between us can
be put into service to map as much of the area as possible. Thanks to Jo
and Schuyler, we have a pretty good head-start on the rest of London!

2. Map Walthamstow: exact time / place tbc. (end of july)

Walthamstow festival needs a map for their 'art trail', and being a
regular http://dorkbot.org/dorkbotlondon attendee, Chris, the organiser
wants the map to be a free one. The area required to make the map is
easily doable in a single day, but as little as three people. With five
or ten, we could do it in an afternoon. More details to be announced
closer to the time.

I think it would be brilliant to have someone who really knows how to use
these tools (ie. gps / osm etc..) to come along too.. I realised
yesterday when showing some much-geekier-than-me friends how to set up
OpenWRT based mesh networks, that the practical demonstration I got from
one of the firmware developers about 3 months ago meant even non-geeky me
was able to guide them through it. 

Is anyone from OSM core dev team able to make it? I'd be happy to try and
follow, then teach and write nice-looking docs afterwards.



-- http://chinabone.lth.bclub.org.uk/~saul/

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