[Openstreetmap] Getting data from gpsd

Glen Barnes newsgroups at devour.co.nz
Thu Jun 30 06:04:15 BST 2005


I've got a Bluetooth GPS unit for my Mac which I can get data from using 
gpsd. It seems that most of the documentation on the Openstreetmap 
website explains how to download data from gps units that are standalone 
units. Does anyone know of a way I can log the data from my computer 
attached gps unit in a format that I can then upload to the 
Openstreetmap server?

Also I see that most of discussion on the list is based around UK users. 
I will be collecting data in New Zealand. I guess this is still OK to 
upload? It's not just a UK/Europe thing right?

I'll be going a 4 day road trip starting Tuesday so it would be great if 
I could get some logging sorted before then.


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