Colin Mackay colin.mackay at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 10:50:58 BST 2006

On 01/04/06, Ben Gimpert <ben at somethingmodern.com> wrote:
> I'm hesitant because I still tend to think those doing coding and
> admin should trump data gatherers.

So the data gatherers - without whom this project would be nothing
regardless of all the coding and admin - sit up and think "WTF! I'm not
going to be treated as second class. Sod that for a packet of cheese
crackers! I'm out of here!"

Colin 'Second Class' Mackay.

PS. I'm a software developer by nature - I've just not done any Java so I'm
not willing to mess up the code base as I learn. I would more likely
contribute .NET (C#) code to the project if people are interested.
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