[OSM-talk] donated boxes

Nick Hill nick at nickhill.co.uk
Sun Apr 2 21:22:04 BST 2006

Nick Burch wrote:
> I'll check to see if I can find any PC100 256mb dimms in the cupboard!
PC100 or PC133 DIMMS should work ok.

>> Alternatively, please ask around friends, neighbours, work colleagues 
>> for any computers made in 2002 or later, working or not. They are 
>> likely to contain hardware we can use.

> For the hosting you have sorted out, does it need to be 1u/2u rack 
> mount, or will you be able to host random desktop machines?

Hosting not yet sorted. But I suspect we'll need to use racks. This 
isn't an issue as we have rackmount cases and can probably get hold of 
racks, so can transfer useful standard hardware (ATX boards etc) into 
those cases.

The cases we have are 4u. 2U cases would be better as we can get a 
better packing density, Not a major issue at the moment, but if you can 
lay your hands on 2u cases...


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