[OSM-talk] Reply-To: header

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Thu Apr 6 13:39:39 BST 2006

Etienne Cherdlu wrote:

> Is there a reason why messages from the list do not have a Reply-To:
> header back to the list?
As others have said - Personal choice for the list operator.

> I'm always sending replies to the originator when I mean them to go to
> the list.  Can anyone change this?
I find that about 10% of the lists I use need ReplyAll rather than 
Reply, so more often than not - things only get to the originator ;)

I *DO* think that this is something that the eMail client should handle, 
so that 'Compose' would use the list address when a 'list' folder is 
selected, and 'Reply' can be set how the user wants rather than having 
to remember which list you are on :(

Personal replies - in my case - are only called for in the 'in box' ;)

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