[OSM-talk] Is there a server problem?

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Fri Apr 7 07:38:27 BST 2006

>>[Problems downloading from server]
> I've got a general feeling in the last week that server response for data
> other than track points has been slower. Have not noticed any issues with
> points download oddly.

I also had problems last night at about 2030-2100 (BST). Also, just now, I've 
tried grabbing data in an area where I know there are only a small amount of 

URL :/api/0.3/map?bbox=-1.284610,50.971271,-1.244610,51.001271

What happens is, after about 2 minutes I get an Internal Server Error.

It seems to be the "map" API call which has the problem; adding and requesting 
segments and ways is more reliable. 


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