[OSM-talk] Osmarender 1.3 with support for symbols and nested rules

Etienne Cherdlu openstreetmap-L at gj0.net
Mon Apr 10 09:06:16 BST 2006

I've just put up Osmarender 1.3 on the wiki.

This version has support for several new features:
1) You can defined symbols in your rules file for churches and post
offices etc and render them according to a rule.  Example:

  <rule k="amenity" v="place_of_worship">
    <symbol xlink:href="#church" />

2) You can define nested rules which allows rendering based on a
combination of two different key values.  For example:
  <rule k="amenity" v="place_of_worship">
    <rule k="denomination" v="anglican"><symbol xlink:href="#church" /></rule>
    <rule k="denomination" v="jewish"><symbol xlink:href="#synagogue" /></rule>

This is an "and" clause.  If (amenity="place_of_worship" and
demonination="anglican") then draw a church.

3) Nested rules and symbols enable one way streets to be described
using the following pattern:
  <rule k="highway" v="motorway">
    <rule k="oneway" v="1"><line class='motorway oneway' /></rule>
    <rule k="oneway" v="-1"><line class='motorway otherway' /></rule>

The key oneway=1 draws an arrow in the same direction the segment was
originally drawn.  oneway=-1 draws an arrow in the opposite direction
to the way the segment was originally drawn.

4) A width key can now be specified on a segment to override the
normal width at which it is rendered.  This is mainly to provide a way
of specifying the width of rivers.  So, for example, <tag k="width"
v="30"/> would draw a 30px wide river segment.  Currently there is no
scaling mechansim so it will always be 30px wide whatever the scale of
the map.  This is not ideal.

5) An SVG <defs> element can now be included in the rules file
containing style, symbol, marker and other elements.  The old <style>
tag in the rules file is now deprecated.

6) Finally, I have put up a new version of the osm-map-features.xml
rules file that contains implementations of all of the new features
described above.


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