[OSM-talk] League of capitals

Dan Karran dan at karran.net
Mon Apr 10 23:27:05 BST 2006

I've been looking into which cities around the world have activity in

Started with the capitals (as defined by the NGA/NGIS/geonames) I have
come up with a list of the ones that sport OSM nodes within a certain
distance (+-1 lon, +- 0.5 lat : pulled from a hat for now, but will
calculate proper distances in the future). The ordering is based on
the number of nodes. The US has not been included because that data
came in a different dataset which I've not downloaded yet.

London	UK	41655
Stockholm	SW	11458
Oslo	NO	10789
Vienna	AU	9119
Bratislava	LO	5374
Amsterdam	NL	4402
The Hague	NL	4382
Douglas	IM	3014   (feeling proud to be in the top 10!)
Dublin	EI	2776
Copenhagen	DA	2701
Paris	FR	2131
Luxemburg	LU	2096
Brussels	BE	2084
Vaduz	LS	1971
Bern	SZ	1528
Helsinki	FI	1364
Berlin	GM	1230
Prague	EZ	651
Bucharest	RO	533
Athens	GR	446
Monaco	MN	430
Hong Kong	HK	312
Macau	MC	312
Valetta	MT	266
Santiago	CI	236
Rija	LG	189
Andorra	AN	146
Madrid	SP	111
Budapest	HU	44
Baghdad	IZ	29
Rome	IT	26
Wellington	NZ	22
Montevideo	UY	6
Moscow	RS	3
Taipei	TW	2
Ankura	TU	1
Beijing	CH	1
Kiev	UP	1
Kuala Lumpur	MY	1
Ljubljana	SI	1
Peking	CH	1

Is there any chance of getting user data in the monthly data dump? (eg
the public name they've chosen, and therefore the link to tracklog
profile). I'd love to be able to help new people find other people
working in their area to aid collaboration.


Dan Karran
dan at karran.net

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