[OSM-talk] Osmarender 1.4 - support for text on segments and ways

Etienne Cherdlu openstreetmap-L at gj0.net
Tue Apr 11 13:31:19 BST 2006

I have just put up a new version of Osmarender that is able to render
names on streets.

See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Osmarender for details of
how to get it.

There are some caveats:
- Segments in a way must all be drawn in the same direction otherwise
parts of the text may appear inverted. There is currently no way to
change the direction of the segment other than deleting and re-adding

- Segments in a way must be ordered otherwise the text will be
rendered in a random sequence. The applet can be used to change the
order of segments in a way. JOSM is unable to do this.

- Text that extends beyond the end of the segment or way will get truncated.

- Not all SVG viewers are able to display textPaths. AdobeSVG and
Inkscape can, Firefox 1.5 and GIMP cannot.

Now I have to go out and start writing down street names so that I can
populate my maps with it...



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