[OSM-talk] web site map enhancement, los angeles

Blars Blarson blarson at blars.org
Thu Apr 6 16:07:00 BST 2006

In article <16e8cf860604050428q6e9c9e55n78c54654bc0e986 at mail.gmail.com> you write:
>For the time being, you can get it out of the
>permalink URL in the view tab, but I assume you knew that.

No, it wasn't obvious from what I've done so far.

>> Show scale (Show how big a Km, mile or whatever is)

>Needs a scale gif/png generating for each zoom level, and a bit of
>work in tiles.js.

A separate image would be fine with me.

>> Allow map selection by lat/long

>Good plan.  For now, you can type the URL in yourself, but you
>probably knew that...

Again, not obvious.

>When you say "java thingy didn't work" what do you mean.  What OS,
>Java version, browser etc are you running, and how did it not work? 
>Did anything load, did you see any errors?  Sounds like a bug to me!

I use mozilla with moderatly paranoid settings, so many web pages
don't work.  I tried allowing cookies and allowing java, but that
didn't seem to be enough.  Debian unstable.  I think openoffice.org
uses java, so there may be some java installed.

I get a broken image that when clicked gives the error:

This page continas information of a type (appication/x-java-vm) that can
only be view with the appropriate Plug-in.

So it's probably a matter of installing software and possibly
disabling security.

>Should you upload the tracks?  Sure!  Although the OSM effort for the
>US in kind of rendered moot by TIGER data etc, there are still
>interesting things you can do with GPS data so the more the merrier!

Although I've seen claims that the TIGER data is available, I havn't yet
seen it in a usable form.  (gpsdrive or magellan meridian color format
are ones I can currently use)

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