[OSM-talk] Re: [OSM-dev] Summer of Code?

Etienne Cherdlu openstreetmap-L at gj0.net
Sat Apr 15 17:03:17 BST 2006

On 4/15/06, Robert Scott <lists at riscott.ukfsn.org> wrote:
> On Saturday 15 Apr 2006 12:54, Nick Burch wrote:
> > Would it be worth OSM signing up to be a mentoring organisation, and
> > suggesting a few projects?
> I'm not sure how keen Google, who've just spend millions on proprietary data
> for Google maps, would be to sponsor a project that makes the data Free and
> available to all with no constraints.

The prospect of mapping data that is of much higher quality and
accuracy than TeleAtlas provides, at a much lower price than TeleAtlas
charges, and with fewer license restrictions than TeleAtlas imposes,
ought to be of some interest to Google.

See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Catalog_of_Errors to get
an idea of what the quality of these free on-line maps is really like.

Right now Google maps only cover the US, UK, Northern Italy and Japan.
 Where are they going to get the mapping data for Zimbabwe from?


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