[OSM-talk] Re: [OSM-dev] Rules file for OSM renderer

Etienne Cherdlu openstreetmap-L at gj0.net
Wed Apr 19 10:26:08 BST 2006

This is looking very nice.

Will it be able to run off the live database any time soon?

It looks like it should be possible to transform fairly automatically
between an Osmarender rules file and a freemap rules file - I might
have a go at that later - it would be nice to keep things as close
together as possible.


On 4/19/06, nick at hogweed.org <nick at hogweed.org> wrote:
> As mentioned on the talk list, the OSM renderer at
> nick.dev.openstreetmap.org/index.php has had one or two updates since last
> week. The main thing is that look and feel is now controlled by a rules file.
> An example is at:
> http://nick.dev.openstreetmap.org/freemap.xml
> It's generally fairly self explanatory. Each rule has a set of conditions (all
> conditions must be fulfilled) followed by a style.
> The main things worth elaborating are:
> width: represents line width. Is a list of comma-separated values, one for
> each zoom level. 0 means do not draw the line.
> dash: the dash pattern, if applicable: first figure, number of pixels 'on',
> second figure, number of pixels 'off'.
> z-index: drawing order. Types with a low z-index will be drawn before those
> with a high z-index.
> text (for points of interest): font size for labels accompanying points of
> interest. Again, a comma-separated list for different zoom levels. -1 means
> "do not display the point of interest at all"; 0 means "display the point of
> interest, but do not display a label.
> I'll probably expand upon this on the wiki.
> Nick
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