[OSM-talk] surveying streets by flood-filling

Simon Hewison simon at zymurgy.org
Wed Apr 19 13:37:10 BST 2006

Having listened to the recent podcast with Nick Hill and Steve, there's 
an interesting discussion on the best way of planning a survey of streets.

One thing that sprung to my mind is Nick's method of zig-zagging a grid 
of streets, and noting implied connections between the streets is all 
very good, and saves a lot of time. It's pretty much how I completely 
mapped the N3 postal area (Finchley).

However, given the accuracy of some GPS receivers in built-up areas, 
it's probably worthwhile re-visiting certain streets, especially if the 
estimated accuracy reported by the GPS receiver is rather poor.

Also, the idea of a dictaphone is clever. I personally use a pen and 
paper, but that does involve stopping cycling to do this.

Ideally, I'd have a voice recorder which timestamps recordings (with 
clock synchronised to GPS time, and a digital camera/video camera with 
clock synchronised to GPS time), and some funky software to geotag the 
voice notes and pictures based on the GPX trace.

Simon Hewison

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