[OSM-talk] Zoom buttons in Konqueror

Christian van den Bosch cjb at cjb.ie
Sun Apr 23 19:45:07 BST 2006

Oliver White wrote:

> Does anyone else notice an odd appearance to the slippy map's "zoom in/out" 
> buttons in Konqueror?  On my system, they're being displayed as text boxes, 
> with the cursor as a 4-way arrow,  and crash the browser when you click on 
> them.

Yup, I get the same on Konquerer 3.4.3 on Ubuntu Breezy - I and Kae 
tried to figure this out a few months back to no avail. For me the crash 
only happens on zoom in, but not on zoom out, despite the code for both 
being identical bar the +1/-1 zoom increment. For Kae (using Konq 3.5) 
the crash didn't happen at all.

> The crash handler says something about "findDoctypeEntry() 
> from /usr/lib/libkhtml"

Exactly the same for me.

I wonder if this affects Safari users too.

Christian / cjb


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