[OSM-talk] IoW and Mapchester - Visualisation Toolkits

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Mon Apr 24 16:18:37 BST 2006

Tom wrote:

> Coastlines and waterways are obviously lacking in OSM. In particular,
> I could use an IoW coastline right now for t-shirt design purposes.

Am working on the IoW coastline at present (with thanks to Laurence  
Penney for orthorectifying the relevant New Popular Edition sheet). I  
should have a nice high-res list of co-ordinates in the next few days.

For the rest of Britain, I've already traced a bunch of waterways and  
coastline stuff for my own maps. It'll need some processing before  
it's usable in OSM - in particular, it's come from non-rectified NPE  
sheets so will need a little correction after we've got the whole lot  

> Is there nice open source software for producing shaded contours?
> What about in a vector format?

Not that I'm aware of - the programs I use for this (DEM2TOPO and  
Adobe Illustrator) are free-beer-but-closed-source and commercial  

I'd guess that Nick's PHP Freemap contour code could be built upon to  
do the vectorising work. Alternatively, there's nothing to stop us  
running the entire SRTM dataset through DEM2TOPO and generating a  
bunch of pre-defined vector contours that way...


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