[OSM-talk] IoW and Mapchester - Visualisation Toolkits

Zebedee Mason zebmason at f2s.com
Mon Apr 24 19:56:50 BST 2006


I've got some coastline data from 
http://www.maproom.psu.edu/cgi-bin/dcw/dcwcountry0.cgi (now defunct) 
that I've cleaned up. And some C++ code to read in the polygons. I was 
never entirely certain over the copyright of this data and it did show 
me cycling through Morecambe Bay rather than along side it.

Yours if you want it.


Tom Carden wrote:

>As I get myself up to speed with the tasks ahead, I was wondering how
>much useful stuff people already have lying around... things I've not
>really considered in an OpenStreetMap context before, but now they
>will scratch an itch...
>Coastlines and waterways are obviously lacking in OSM. In particular,
>I could use an IoW coastline right now for t-shirt design purposes.
>Is there nice open source software for producing shaded contours? 
>What about in a vector format?  Are we in a position to enhance that
>data with extra spot readings for certain peaks and ridges?
>What other metadata should we be aware of?  Can we get the population
>of towns/regions for better labelling?
>What else isn't kept in the OSM database, but will be needed to make a
>complete map?
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Zebedee Mason

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