[OSM-talk] Mapping IoW (I'm a new person with possible interest in doing something)

Timothy Fintan Langner timflang at btinternet.com
Mon Apr 24 23:13:26 BST 2006


I recently came across the IoW openstreet mapping project via mapchester 

I am a professional cartographer, currently doing a masters in GIS and I am 
interested in possibly doing something to help on the weekend.

I recently got an eXplorist 210 GPS receiver and I have a laptop. I tend not 
to take my laptop out into the field and to upload my data after I've 
gathered my points but I can connect the two together for real time capture. 
Once I have the data on my computer I use a program called GPS Utility to 
edit the data.

I don't have a car and I can't ride a bike, so if I did anything it would 
have to be on foot. I would be coming over on a Portsmouth ferry and I am 
not 100% sure if I want to stay over night yet. I may only do one day as I 
have university coursework to do.

I have 2 pre WWII maps (1:100 000 OS and 1" 5th series OS) as well as 2-3 
6th edition OS maps. I also have a 1: 25 000 map of Freshwater area. I can 
fairly certain this is out of copyright as it is a provisional edition. All 
of the maps cover the IoW and are out of copyright. I recently scanned in my 
1:100 000 map for a project I was doing at university. It has been scanned 
in 2 sections so it's not as accurate as using a large hi-res scanner but 
might be useful.

No doubt others have far more detailed information than that but if that's 
of any use then let me know.

Kind regards

Timothy Langner 

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