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* @ 25/04/06 12:52:34 PM crschmidt at crschmidt.net wrote:
> Yeah, except this has been the case since the day I found the project.
> "Can I donate money/hardware?" has always been a "Not yet, we're working
> on it." I got tired of waiting, which is why I have no interest in doing
> anymore here. I've asked 'can I host a part of the application?' and
> been told no. I've asked "Can I donate hardware/bandwidth" and been told
> no. What more am I supposed to do? 

Actually, there's a big donate button on the front page.

> I keep hearing 'wait', but what am I waiting for? Does this waiting have
> an end somewhere?

You're hearing 'wait' because either we're installing all the donated
servers we have soon, or you might feel more comfortable donating to the
foundation (when it's off the ground) rather than paypal-ing me

> Is the database really so significantly overloaded that 'mysqldump
> openstreetmap > file' is not possible at any time of the day? 

Yes. Go look at the graphs: bat.vr.ucl.ac.uk/munin/ IIRC

Also I won't do that because a) most people dont want all the history
data and more importantly b) We have no privacy policy and a dump would
contain a lot of private data.

Hands up everyone who wants everyone else to know where you live / edit
data? That's what a plain dump would represent at minimum.

> > This implies there is internal facing support!
> There is, actually: The tile server has increased greatly in speed
> recently, and it makes the site usable again -- for OSM's purposes. Yet
> no effort has been put into making the site usable for any other
> purpose, other than planet.osm (which is at least usable, unlike
> everything else).

I don't really know what you mean here, what arn't we doing?

> There's no ball to take home. OSM can't do what I need, getting what I
> need out of OSM is damn near impossible, and there's no OSM interest in
> utilities for persons not using the OSM server to increase the content
> in OSM.
> I wanted to be convinced I was wrong, and that there was avid interest
> in developing utilities for non-OSM.org users. I haven't been yet, but
> could be if anyone wants to. The fact that I haven't been says to me
> that there's no interest in it, and without that, what can I do?

Er... The whole thing is run off of people's free time. There's a dev
server if you want to improve the code, there's open offers of svn
commit rights, we're busting our ass getting the hosting together - for
free - and there's a foundation on the way (with unresolved issues on
what a 'member' is :-) with a big donate button on the website. I'd say
there are lots of oppertunities for you to help OSM go the way you want
it to.

I'm still confused as to what we're doing wrong.

As an aside, specifically on your gmaps thing: it's pretty but not
encouraged because we could get nuked from orbit for providing an easy
way to reference our data to copyrighted data and thus cross-contaminate

have fun,

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