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Tue Apr 25 13:31:17 BST 2006

* @ 25/04/06 01:31:02 PM sxpert at esitcom.org wrote:
> I don't know what the fascination with mysql is, but it's way overrated, 
> that's for sure :D

There isn't any, it just worked.

> I already have my own version of the api available (currently a limited 
> version of the 'map' call, but I gather it's enough to show the 
> potential, I will be adding the rest of the calls later on...)
> just replace www.openstreetmap.org with www.navsys.org
> for instance, to get the data (currently only nodes and segments) for 
> Grenoble, point your browser to
> http://www.navsys.org/api/0.3/map?bbox=5.6546745899872715,45.14032050966251,5.8370048596246535,45.23012105673176
> I am using the same postgres db for my car navigation laptop (soon to be 
> replaced by the (currently undergoing maintenance) carpc...

Cool... any way I can convince you to help on the existing code?

> see http://www.navsys.org/cvs/pynavsys/ for the python code and sql to 
> create the database
> >I'd add 4) the db machine is way underspecced.
> my own postgresql box is a celeron 600A with only 128M of ram.

OSM might be serving more people?

have fun,

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