[OSM-talk] IoW data

David Groom reviews at pacific-rim.net
Thu Apr 27 01:22:26 BST 2006

I've just converted the coastline data into a gpx file, opened it in JOSM 
and then in JOSM I downloaded OSM tracks for the Isle of Wight.

At present there is not much OSM tracking for the Island, so its a bit 
difficult to make a conclusion, but my gut feeling is that the 
orthorectification is slightly adrift, and that the coastline data should be 
very slightly north west of where it is.  This is based on my comparison of 
four areas where I am fairly certain I know how the roads I have uploaded to 
OSM should look in relation to the coastline.

The actual coastline outline however seems very accurate, its just the 
orthorectification vis a vi OSM which seems adrift


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> I've traced a complete coastline for the Isle of Wight, with 1379 points. 
> It's at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Isle_of_Wight_Coastline .
> The outline was traced from an out-of-copyright map, then manually 
> orthorectified, and finally converted from OSGB to lat/long. It should be 
> generally accurate, but there will inevitably be a few places where it 
> slips a little and may need correcting by real-life, GPS-equipped 
> surveyors...!
> From the IoW project page, I've also linked to an SRTM-derived, 
> DEM2TOPO-generated file of 50m contours for the island.
> Richard
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