[OSM-talk] Re: Mailing list -> forum?

RolyMo rolymo at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 10:07:10 BST 2006

> From: "Immanuel Scholz" <immanuel.scholz at gmx.de>
> Subject: [OSM-talk] Mailing list -> forum?
> We had at least one guy asking for a forum rather than a mailing list yet
> (and not much people ask in *mailing lists* for a forum. If I remembered
> correctly, he would also helping setup and maintaining it :).

That was me.  The offer still stands, if required.  I'd be willing to put in
the time to set up the forum as a draft and wouldn't object to a decision to
take it down if it is deemed uneccessary for OSM.  Also willing to take
responsibility for ongoing forum administration or to handover
responsibility to a more established OSM contributor, as required, once the
system is in place.

It is clearly a contentious issue.  I won't be arguing the points for and
against an OSM forum - I'm just offering to do whatever I can to help.

PS: I would be in a strong favour of a *CLEAN* and *SIMPLE* forum. I speak
> of a forum *without* stuff like blinking banners everywhere, animated user
> picutres of half the size of a laptop screen and especally one which don't
> turn beatuiful ascii arts into ugly pacmans ;-)

Me too.


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