[OSM-talk] Updating of slippy map

Steve Chilton S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk
Sun Dec 17 18:13:18 GMT 2006

Is Potters Bar included in your Herts rendering? if not could it be? which layer would it appear on?
I am working on finalising the surveying for PBar and it would be useful to be able to see and download the bits I need each time.

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	Quoting Dirk-Lüder Kreie <osm-list at deelkar.net>:
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	> Steve Chilton schrieb:
	> > Thanks for the offer. I will see how I get on first before troubling you.
	> > Incidentally, can you expand on your "data is of mixed quality" comment?
	> > Is there something the project should be addressing here?
	> > 
	> > Cheers
	> > STEVE
	> No sorry that was due to a lack of words (I'm not a native english
	> speaker). The tiles are not from a single dataset like the mapnik layers
	> that are generated from a single database dump, but the tiles represent
	> what was available when the tile was rendered. Additionally the tiles
	> are rendered at very different times so you might get tiles a few hours
	> old next to tiles weeks old (but not necessarily outdated).
	> Then there have been some changes in the rendering, patches to
	> osmarender for example, that affected the visual outcome, together with
	> the fact that some tiles get updated more often than others that *may*
	> lead to a strange appearance on the map.
	> And you are not really troubling me with requests. I am working on a
	> jobserver (first only for my 4-5 renderers) that can take requests
	> automatically.
	> Furthermore experience shows that the tiles at home crowd can render faster
	> than the Requests api can generate new jobs, so there are times where I
	> am glad to have some meaningful render-work for my machines, i.e. your
	> requests...
	I have a set of perl wrappers which I run for specific tilesets, so whilst my
	renderers spending most of their time rendering random tiles, I do regularly
	run specific sets i.e. Baldock where I am based and do most of my mapping,
	North Herts where I do most of my regular travelling, Hertfordshire as part of
	the Wikiproject.
	Thus Baldock will be as up to date as my last edit and there are only a couple
	of us working here. Simlarly with North Herts, where there a few more of us.
	Whilst my intention is only too render Hertfordshire once a week/fortnight, as
	it takes several days to render because of the amount of data.
	The volume of information in these specific areas also explains why Dirk maybe
	way ahead on tiles uploaded, and I appear to be ahead on Bytes of data.
	Guy 'Batchoy' Reynolds
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