[Openstreetmap] UK Motorways 100% Complete

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Sat Jan 7 14:48:39 GMT 2006

>> For them to show up on Freemap they would need to be annotated as:
>> class=motorway; car=yes

>Which is wonderful in theory, except for the fact that most people
>editing openstreetmap probably still use the applet, which doesn't know
>how to set, or make sensible use of, any tags other than "name".

So what I guess you're saying is that the applet should be able to set

>Is there a reason you chose thick black to represent a motorway? Almost
>every (european) map I've seen uses a thick mid-blue with a black
>outline to represent a motorway carriageway. This colour corresponds
>with the standard colour of motorway signs, which in HTML speak is

I was intending on using blue for rivers, and using blue for motorways as
well might confuse things - even if they are a different shade of blue.


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