[Openstreetmap] speed, at last

Thomas Walraet thomas at walraet.com
Sun Jan 15 01:14:22 GMT 2006

Is someone working on the javascript viewer to reduce server load ?

I want to look at it since 2 weeks but don't have time... I just saw 
with an HTTP analyzer than we can save a LOT of tile request : If you 
move the map or change zoom level before tiles are displayed (or even 
requested), they're still fully downloaded in the order of first 
apparence on the viewer...

-> If you hit the zoom button twice, 15 un-needed tiles are downloaded.
-> If the tile server is slow and a user move the map thinking 
everything is stuck, unused tiles requested are countless.

SteveC a écrit :
> On the other hand we could write a flash editor. Petter will scream at
> me because the runtime is non-free :-) but it solves all of the issues
> above and is more widely installed than Java. And it's faster.

We could also have a javascript editor...


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