[Openstreetmap] private view

Helen Coleman squidgecole at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 24 18:22:42 GMT 2006

Hi there, I'd like to invite you all to an on-line (public) private view of 
a blog site. Here's the blurb:

'information in-formation'  6-10pm 1/2/06


User driven networks have allowed the advancement of knowledge production. 
Users establish their own networks, collaborations, goals and methods by 
creating and sharing information, I feel it is important to recognise that 
these kinds of activities generate knowledge and that this type of knowledge 
creation is in turn a form of collective learning.
Here I would like to initiate a space for innovation that is spurred by an 
open exchange of information. This space will act as a forum, a gallery, a 
lecture theatre, a networking aid. It is set up so as to allow people to add 
information or ideas anonymously if they so wish, (by using the public 
username and password), but of course it does not have to be used in this 
way. In giving people the choice to directly edit any content, I am wavering 
my presumed mastery as creator over this blog site. I’m opening up a space 
which is traditionally a solipsistic one and inviting others to recombine 
and edit my thoughts and opinions as well as adding their own and offering 
those up to be edited in the same way.
I am organising an on-line private view of this blog site, which will take 
place at the above address, between 6 and 10 pm on 1/2/06. This will be the 
official opening of the site as well as an introduction to the working of 
it. On this date (as well as any other), anybody is free to publish anything 
they wish here. Whilst it is a private view, it is not fixed work on show; 
the idea of this event is that what you come to see is entirely interactive, 
changeable, open source. You are invited to bring along any thoughts, 
drawings, stories, essays or comments you wish to post and together we’ll 
start a collaborative gallery of knowledge creation.

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