[Openstreetmap] Editor question

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Jan 25 09:41:35 GMT 2006

On 25 Jan 2006, at 09:29, Tom Carden wrote:

> We should definitely be meeting this half way, by drawing lines
> between GPS tracks, and providing tools to convert those lines into
> streets if they *look* right.  But GPS is raw data in OSM, and I think
> it should stay that way.

In my experience, there's a vast difference between city streets and 
country roads.

City streets are (generalising wildly here) mapped in conditions of 
poor GPS reception and are junction-heavy. Consequently, so much 
editing is required that converting GPS tracks directly into mapped 
streets is usually more hassle than it's worth. You're better off 
tracing over the top of them, informed by your own knowledge of where 
the streets really go.

Country roads are mapped in conditions of perfect GPS reception and are 
junction-light (per mile travelled). Being able to pick up a 100-mile 
track of a motorway drive, and turn it into a mapped road, is a real 
time-saver. This is _especially_ true of B-roads, canals etc., which 
are also bend-heavy...


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