[Openstreetmap] Inner city accuracy

Christian van den Bosch cjb at cjb.ie
Thu Jan 26 23:20:26 GMT 2006

Lars Aronsson wrote:

> Just to test this, I went out yesterday walking in the middle of 
> the road, just after midnight when traffic was low and most people 
> are asleep.  After half an hour, a police car turned up and asked 
> what I was doing, because some resident had called when thought I 
> looked suspicious.  :-)

Yeah, I've got some very suspicious looks when cycling back and forth 
through residential areas. At least on a bike one can go a lot closer to 
the middle of the road during the day...

What did you say to the police? I suspect the Gardaí here wouldn't be 
too impressed by “I'm trying to map the area” - they'd probably think 
that even if I was telling the truth, that I was still up to no good...

Christian / cjb


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