[OSM-talk] API Stalement (was: Errors on the API)

Etienne 80n80n at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 11:27:28 BST 2006

On 6/8/06, Immanuel Scholz <immanuel.scholz at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> > No, I don't get a connection reset.  I get NOTHING.  I can wait an
> > hour or more and still get nothing - the socket connection still
> > appears to be open, just the server isn't saying anything.
> JOSM has an 15 Seconds Timeout for connecting to the OSM server, but has
> no timeout for the open connection if no data arrive.
> The OSM server take almost all time in the preparing of the data and if it
> fails for any reason,

If it fails for any reason then if it could be made to close the
connection at least JOSM could tell that it was waiting for nothing.

What happens on the server if an API call fails?  Does it try to close
the connection?  Does it log anything anywhere?  Can anyone see those

>it is after the connection has been established but
> before any response data is sent. In this case, the server seem to not
> send anything forever.
> The 5 Minutes Timeout observed is usually from the client side (or an
> proxy, e.g. your ISP between). You can verify this with any sniffer, e.g.
> "Ethereal".
> Many operating systems have a timeout for connections to free allocated
> but staled TCP ports and handles. It looks like your system has no
> timeout, so both - the server and you are refusing to send any data. ;-(
> The steps I'd like to take to solve this forever are:
> - Fixing the server to send a correct timestamp for all objects (currently
> missing timestamp for ways). This is a prerequisite for the ability to mix
> up data from different data sources (BUT which came from the same original
> server!)
> - Setting up a dedicated server that serves read-only map requests.
> - The dedicated server runs little-osm, which has no memory increase for
> larger areas and start delivering the data as soon as the connection
> starts (no prepare-step necessary)
> - getting JOSM to upload to a different server than downloading.
> Ciao, Imi
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