[OSM-talk] Please do not tag streets (yet).

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Mon Mar 13 16:15:21 GMT 2006

Quoting Etienne Cherdlu <openstreetmap-L at gj0.net>:

> On 3/13/06, Tom Carden <tom at tom-carden.co.uk> wrote:
>> FWIW, I am hoping for something like windows text-box selection - e.g.
>> single click select a segment, double click select a block, triple
>> click select all connected segments.
> Triple-click will play havoc with my osteoarthritis and RSI - there are 101
> other keys just to the left of the mouse button - please choose one of
> these.

Illustrator does it by having two different selection tools:

- solid pointer for selecting an entire path
- outline pointer ("direct selection") for selecting individual points and

and you can flick between them using keyboard shortcuts (V and A 
as well as by using the mouse.

It's a reasonably common paradigm in design programs: Quark XPress is similar
(one tool to select and move the entire text/picture box, another tool to
select and move its contents).

Screengrab of an old version of Illustrator at
(the main thing to have changed since is that it's got slower... :( )

Note: I've still not managed to get an OSM editing client working on my 
Mac, so
do ignore if this model is completely inapplicable.


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