[OSM-talk] PS to last message: new Freemap AJAX editor

David Groom reviews at pacific-rim.net
Mon Mar 20 15:18:15 GMT 2006

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Subject: [OSM-talk] PS to last message: new Freemap AJAX editor

> Sorry: as a PS to my last message...
> It is possible to test out the general way in which the new editor works
> without a Freemap login.
> Select "draw" mode and click on the map. A node will be created. Then 
> click
> on another place and a new node will be created and a segment, and so on.
> Then, when you are done with your way, select 'Upload way' and enter the
> name of the way.
> You will get a lot of "401 Unauthorised" prompt boxes because you aren't
> logged in, but it would be good to get some feedback on the general mode 
> of
> action of the editor.

It might be useful to have a way of removing a node, as if an error is made 
I cant find a way of correcting it.

Also I find the size of the map window to be a bit on the small side 

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