[OSM-talk] Coastlines

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Tue Mar 21 13:13:18 GMT 2006


I don't think OSM should contain coastline information. This is because I
was told that there is already a good database with free coastline
informations of the whole world.

Coastlines have special attributes that make it possible to store them in
a more specialized format. These databases make use of them. OSM would

However, I think it could be great to import coastline-data on demand from
such databases, like we currently import data from WMS servers. A proxy
that read from a coastline database and spit out OSM compatible XML would
be great. ;-)

BTW: Same goes for worldwide elevation information. My suggestion is to
only store height for special objects or objects that differs substantly
from the "normal" height of the earth at that point, e.g. lookout towers
(even then, this information should be the height compared to the ground
level ;).

> I'm not sure that OSM needs to be restricted solely to GPS-derived data.
> There are plenty of other sources.

I agree here. As example drawing streets from free, good quality maps.
(Before you do, make extra sure your projection fits ;)

Ciao, Imi

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