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See now this is where BY-SA is screwed up for me.

Take for example a non-profit organisation (say a charity) who does research
in the public interest/to promote their cause. They want to use the OSM
data, for obvious reasons, and have no choice but to license Government
census data. They want to put out a publication with the census data on a
map. What you are saying is they cannot, so they have to also license the
map data, at great additional expense, from the government instead of using
that money to save lives/care for needy/provide aid to disaster areas etc.

Well - There is no perfect license that I can see unless we spend lots of
money on lawyers to create one.

What about dual licensing? Offer the choice of BY-SA (so that companies can
use the data but not enclose it) or BY-NC (so that charities and the like
can add other licensed data and not be stuck having to spend more money that
could go to their cause)


 On 21/03/06, Immanuel Scholz <immanuel.scholz at gmx.de> wrote:
> > If I buy a license to the government's census data, can I make a map
> > with that data and OSM's? What's the status of my work?
> For personal purpose, you can always generate the map. If you want to
> distribute it, you may only do so, if you are allowed to distribute the
> census data from the government under CC-By-Sa. This is because you have
> to license your work under CC-By-Sa.
> Usually this means "No, you may not distribute data derrived from both,
> OSM and any data from other licenses."
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