[OSM-talk] Coastlines

Erik Johansson erjohan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 10:24:23 GMT 2006

On 3/22/06, Jon Stockill <lists at stockill.net> wrote:
> There are several freely available datasets for coastlines:
> 1. VMAP0 - US department of defence vector map (contains far more than
> just coastlines, but can be rather "coarse".
> 2. GSHHS - Global Self-consistent Hierarchical High-resolution
> Shoreline. Tends to give more accurate coastlines than VMAP0 outside of
> the US (for some reason VMAP0 seems more accurate for the US). There are
> issues with inland water (such as the great lakes) though.
> 3. SWBD - Shuttle radar topography mission Water Body Data. Derived from
> the SRTM digital elevation model. Newer than the rest, potentially more
> accurate.
> For paths running along cliff tops you wouldn't want to trust your life
> to any of this data - but for the purposes of giving you a plausible
> landmass to draw maps on they're all useful.
> Jon

Cool, I wasn't aware of SWBD, and those files are quite easy to handle as well.


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