[OSM-talk] Invisible waypoints

Andrew Findlay andrew at findlay.org
Sat Mar 25 12:14:25 GMT 2006

I am working on uploading my first few traces to OSM, and having
problems with waypoints. I use a Garmin Geko 201, and have carefully
set waypoint markers at path junctions and points of interest but they
do not show up in the web-based editor.

I have tried osmeditor and found that I can make waypoints visible by
editing the GPX file and changing <sym>Flag</sym> to <type>waypoint</type>
- this seems to be needed due to an inconsistency between gpsbabel and
osmeditor in the definition of the XML format. Unfortunately, I cannot
make osmeditor behave in other respects (creating segments etc).

What is the approved way to handle waypoints?


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