[OSM-talk] Invisible waypoints

Andrew Findlay andrew at findlay.org
Sat Mar 25 17:45:12 GMT 2006

On Sat, Mar 25, 2006 at 03:06:00PM +0000, Andrew Findlay wrote:

> > Yes, sorry, osmeditor2 does not read GPX files yet. It will do, though I'm 
> > not sure about the immediate next version. In the meantime you can load in 
> > GPX files with osmeditor, then save them as .osm, then load into 
> > osmeditor2. Bit long winded I know, I am working on it, too few hours in 
> > the week and all that :-)
> Even that does not work - osmeditor does not seem to have an option
> for .osm in the save-as screen, and if I just enter a filename with
> that extension I get the same data as it saves into a .gpx file.

Some progress: I persuaded osmeditor2 to grab data direct from the
Geko. I then saved it as .osm format. This produced a few more issues
to report:

1)	I had to edit MainWindow2.cpp to set the name of my serial
	device. This needs to be read from a config file and/or set in
	the GUI.

2)	Having read in a lot of tracks from the GPS, the window was
	blank because it had chosen an origin and zoom that did not
	include any data points. This was probably made worse by the
	fact that the data includes tracks from both the UK and New
	Zealand! Interestingly, it was not very far off the NZ tracks
	and I was able to scroll across to a known point.

3)	When I saved the data in .osm format and read it in again, the
	track points were grouped in vertical lines. It looks as if
	the save process limits the number of *significant figures*
	rather than the number of *decimal places* on lat/long data.
	Thus, for places in NZ we get lines like:

	<node lat='-36.1602' lon='175.355' uid='-12' tags='class=trackpoint;'/>

	Clearly the longitude does not have enough precision here, and
	the latitude is not that good either. I cannot see why this is
	happenning - the output appears to be done by Node::toOSM in
	Node.cpp and that does not limit the precision. It almost
	looks as if the lat and lon variables are being limited to
	single-precision, but they appear to be declared as doubles!

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