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Wed Mar 29 17:59:04 BST 2006

And yes, the F stands for foundation. Some time ago I gave an update on


Since then the offers of long term support fizzled out for a few
reasons, but I can't really talk about that. On the plus side we have an
agreement for hosting and we should get a load of computers donated soon.
OSM has grown bigger still in that time, the API is better and we've got
the IoW thing coming up.

These things have combined with the shear amount of work required on
OSM's many fronts that many of you noticed and suggested a foundation of
some sort would be a good idea. I held off because we had some good
offers of support which are not available any time soon now.

So, let's build something. We need to figure out what roles need filling
and how to vote people in for those positions. I'm highly skeptical of
just appointing people, but in the short term we need a volunteer(s) to
organise the voting etc.

To kick things off, I think we need a board with someone to do Finance,
someone doing publicity / outreach (and to talk to the OGC/other groups
like GpsDrive). Someone representing data collectors and someone
representing the tech side. These can then run sub-groups as
required/appropriate. Oh, someone should think about licenses and
coordinate with the people at the OGC. At least initially I'd be
benevolant dictator a-la the wikimedia foundation.

The bits I have got going: I've got legal help in writing the articles
of association and setting up a nonprofit are in progress.

I'm not going to state what the foundation should do / mission of
intent, we can come up with that collaboratively. I suggest we have an
IRC meeting next week, too.

If we have things sketched out before the IoW (a month away) that'd be a
nice time to meet up if possible. It will also be nice to be set up
before Where 2.0 and other events in order to get donations from people.

This all should be an exciting process and help OSM grow!

have fun,

SteveC steve at asklater.com http://www.asklater.com/steve/

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