[OSM-talk] ANNOUNCE: OSMF (IRC or TS2 Meeting next Week)

Joerg Ostertag openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Wed Mar 29 21:55:36 BST 2006

On Wednesday 29 March 2006 18:59, SteveC wrote:

> I'm not going to state what the foundation should do / mission of
> intent, we can come up with that collaboratively. I suggest we have an
> IRC meeting next week, too.

Just a suggestion:

If you like I can offer you to use my Teamspeak Server for this virtual 
Meeting. I found that talking simetimes is easier and faster than writing. 
The server should be fast enough to handle even 20-30 People in one channel 
for this event.

TeamSpeak2: ts2.ostertag.name, user: tweety, Channel: "GPS Drive"




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