[OSM-talk] postcode idea

Nick Hill nick at nickhill.co.uk
Thu Mar 30 10:22:20 BST 2006

I think most people have lists of addresses they have compiled, or we 
could probably get databases of addresses off-copyright. I know I 
personally have at least 100 addresses, possibly many more than 1000 if 
I start searching. I have probably 3000 items of correspondence stacked 
up and I won't burn them if I think we could use the data.

When I sell items on-line, people send me their address and postcode. I 
suppose this could be used.

Anyone who is or has been in business probably has substantial address 

If I can stick postcode pins in the OSM on-line map, I could probably 
stick a further 50-200 pins from my memory and personal records.

Once we have a fairly complete open street map, with named segments and 
localities, merging plain address data will give us a fairly accurate 
postcode map. It will enable us to automatically attach postcodes to a 
street. Once we put at which end number 1 is, or the way the street is 
numbered (one side odd one side even or looped) we will have enough data 
for a very accurate postcode map.

If we have a combination of postcode pins and collection of raw address 
data, we would have enough data to extrapolate the street numbering 
scheme and fill in the gaps.

If addresses without names don't violate data protection etc, maybe we 
should start collecting raw addresses. Perhaps a form on a web page 
where I could paste multiple addresses blank-line delimited. This way, 
if an address comes in, I can cut & paste it into a text editor, then 
paste it into an on-line form.

SteveC wrote:
> Ojw on the wiki had a great idea (with 20:20 hindsight obvious)

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